What do you do for a living? Do you go to school?

I have recently graduated high school and decided to take a break to take care a lot of personal things in my life. I currently work as an actress/blogger/ambassador/youtuber and a couple other odd jobs. I plan to study theatre arts when I return to school.

How did you get started with costuming? How did you learn everything?!?

It started with going to my first anime convention back in 2007. I had my mother help me with my first costume then I became forever addicted! I mostly taught myself and the last five years of costuming and cosplay has been a crazy but amazing experience!

What camera do you use?

I use a Canon T3i with a kit lens and a 50 mm. Also a Nikon Coolpix and Sony handheld for lower quality shots.

What programs do you use to edit your photos and videos?

I use Adobe Photoshop CS3 for all of my photos. I mainly use Adobe Premiere.

Who takes and does all of your professional photos?

I work with a lot of different photographers, usually based on location or event. All of my photos are credited on my facebook page  so you can check out their work if you are interested in it. Most of the people I work with are very good friends of mine which is why I get the honor of being able to be photographed by them. I deeply appreciate and love their effort they put into their art.

What does "meepy/meep" come from?

Lets just say it s a very long story that originated when I was around 12-13 years old. Its stuck with me this long though so it must mean something!!

Crunchyroll Ambassador? What is that?

I am a affiliate brand promotor for crunchyroll.com which is an Japanese anime and drama streaming service! I promote Crunchyroll with the goal of informing and promoting Crunchyroll, its services, and memberships. To get more information go to http://www.crunchyroll.com/ambassadors

Why do you have an adams apple?

Fun fact, ALL OF US HAVE THEM. Mine just happens to be VERY noticeable for various reasons. First I'm a skinny girl. Second of all I had surgery on my neck for a thyroid duct cyst; the bone just happened to become more prominent post surgery. I know you guys can be slightly inquisitive about this but try not to be rude, thanks.

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