Monday, April 15, 2013

Stark Suit Costume Information

Here's a post that can hopefully help you get started on a Stark suit like this or something similar! 
First Concepts, inspiration, and ideas:

Iron Man/ Tony Stark is definitely one of my favorite Stan Lee characters so I definitely wanted to do a costume inspired by him or some genderbent version (he did have an official female version in a alternate universe too). I really loved the costume designs in Iron Man 2 (although it really wasn’t that great of a film overall) and chose to do the racing suit since its pretty much a unisex outfit that a girl could easily wear too. 
Robert Downey Jr. wearing the Stark Racing Suit in Iron Man 2
Concept art I did of how a gender-bent version would look.
This costume was planned last minute so I went cheap on the materials. I got some cheap black pleather and blue and black cotton. I also bought 3 zippers (there are zippers on both arms and of course one on the front).

Gosh figuring out this suit pattern was a bitch. For the lettering I did some vectors on the computer, printed them out and used them as a pattern. For the rest of the suit...figuring out the pattern was...well... it took a lot of thinking. I ended up using an old t shirt and drawing out a rough sketch of the lines and shapes on the suit (well at least for the top area) . The most complicated pieces were on the upper area of the suit. Once I had figured out which piece was black and blue I cut them all out and separated them. I used them as a very rough pattern for the pieces on my suit. The leg pieces weren’t too difficult to figure out and pattern too. 
Letters and numbers on the suit.
Pictured below are some vectors of the rough outlines I used as patterns. THIS IS NOT AN EXACT PATTERNThese are OUTLINES to use as a reference/guide to your final pattern. Even though I cut my fabric like this a lot of it was adjusted and cut away!!
This was definitely the most tedious and troublesome part of making this suit. I had to put SO MANY pieces together correctly. Just be prepared for  A LOT of pinning. The blue fabric was lined with black so the color on the inside of the suit was consistent. All of the pieces were just pieced together with a regular stitch then finished off. The patches/lettering on the arms and legs were zig-zag stitched on. 
Arc Reactor: 
Figuring out how to make an thin and flat arc reactor that would stay on my chest was a bit difficult. Most people tend to modify a tap light but the problem is, its way too thick to be a convincing part of a costume. Instead I used a thin sheet of translucent plastic and some foam board. With a decent paint job is looks convincing in photos. The lights were just some LED’s connected to a battery pack (pack was not ON the prop) which I could hide in my bra. All I did was use some fashion tape to stick it on and it stayed most of the day. Unfortunately I kind of broke it during a rave so I’m going to have to re solder some of the wires on it and re glue some things. I'm also considering re making it sometime next year.
This is what it looks like when I have it attached to just my chest and the battery pack is somewhat hidden below.
The lighting shows up fairly well in photos.
Other comments and disclaimers about this costume:

This is definitely NOT a screen accurate version of the suit. I made so many mistakes on it and I am planning on re doing it next year with accurate materials and sewing techniques. Heck I didn't even finish the gloves the first time so I definitely want to get it right the next time I wear it!!
Anyways I hope you enjoyed reading this. I hope this helps for some of you guys and gals in making something similar to this! 

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  1. Wow! Great cosplay!! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial as well! btw you're really pretty haha! Can't wait to see more of your cosplays in the future! By the way would you like to follow each other on GFC? :) Let me know!